AXIS+ Cutting Tools with Super Finishing Increase Productivity

AXIS uses modern manufacturing techniques, combined with special Swiss MMP technology, to produce AXIS+ cutting tools with super finishing. Tooling solutions for precision machining provider AXIS (Tools for mICRO mACHINING) is a brand of IND-SPHINX Precision Ltd. AXIS Plus combines high-precision tools produced at its facility with a state-of-the-art exclusive, proprietary in-house super finishing treatment to produce an exclusive, unparalleled product. The Micro Machining Process (MMP) Technology can continually reproduce mirror-like finishes with unrivaled aesthetic consistency and technical precision. The process's unique ability to selectively target roughness can have a significant effect on the efficiency and tool life of specialized cutting tools.

The AXIS+ tools offer benefits of reduced flute friction, reduced heat generation due to smooth cutting, controlled & repeatable edge honing, and improved adhesion of thin coatings (PVD & DLC) due to superior surface preparation. In addition, improved post-PVD finishing coatings and the super-finishing of customized Diamond coatings by MMP technology enhance the tool performance, particularly when machining graphite & modern composite (such as CFRP).

All in all, the AXIS+ Tools provide advantages of improved tool life & homogeneity, decreased cutting forces, narrow service life variability and superior reproducibility as well as being ideal for use on complex geometries. The cutting tools range includes micro drills / endmills, ultra-long drills, PVD and CVD diamond coated tools.


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