CERATIZIT's HyproJET Portfolio: A Reliable Solution for Temperature-Sensitive Materials


CERATIZIT, a leading global maker of carbides and cutting tools, has announced the launch of its new HyproJET portfolio, which includes three standard water jet nozzles for a wide range of waterjet cutting applications. The latest product from the company sets new standards for quality and durability by maximising wear protection and achieving high cutting quality even at pressures of up to 6,000 bar.

Water jet cutting is a good alternative to traditional methods of cutting. It is known for cutting edges that are very smooth and don't need any thermal stress, post-processing, or kerfs. The cutting process works best for materials that are sensitive to temperature, are thick, and have complicated shapes. The waterjet nozzles are the key to efficient processes.

The HyproJET range features three standard water jet nozzles, suitable for diverse requirements. The HyproJET X6 is designed for cutting even the most difficult materials, the HyproJET P6 stands out for its optimal price-performance ratio, and the S3 standard water jet nozzle is an affordable option for high-quality results at a low price.

To improve wear protection, CERATIZIT used special carbide grades to ensure that the HyproJET nozzles last for a long time even at high pressures of up to 6,000 bar. The company takes care of all process steps, from the carbide powder to the ready-to-use solution, resulting in consistently first-class product quality, precision, and best performance. In addition to the comprehensive waterjet nozzle portfolio, the company also produces various mixing chambers made of special carbide grades to meet the different wear mechanisms within these chambers.

CERATIZIT has also changed how the HyproJET nozzles are packed to make sure they get to their customers safely. The company relies on plastic sleeves made of 100% recycled plastic, reducing  CO2 emissions by at least 60% compared to conventionally produced plastic.

Before releasing the HyproJET portfolio, CERATIZIT tested it thoroughly and for a long time with the help of experts in waterjet cutting who had used the product in industry. The new product has been well-received, with experienced professionals raving about the service life and cutting qualities of the HyproJET X6.