EMO Hannover Preview Highlights Industrial Sustainability & Digitalization

VDW (German Machine Tool Builders’ Association), the organizers of EMO Hannover 2023 – World’s Leading Trade Fair for Production Technology, held a major preview event in Frankfurt am Main on July 5-6, which drew the attention of nearly 70 journalists from over 30 countries who were eager to learn about the latest developments in the industry.

The preview showcased innovations from 31 exhibitors, providing a glimpse into what attendees can expect at the main event scheduled for September 18-23, 2023. Against this backdrop, Dr Wilfried Schäfer, Executive Director, VDW, stated, “The EMO Hannover preview was held for the first time in Frankfurt am Main. The event has a long tradition and is both the climax and conclusion of our EMO Hannover World Tour. In around 60 events held in 40 countries, from Japan to Mexico and from Finland to South Africa, we have been presenting EMO Hannover 2023 to the EMO community since the beginning of the year.”

Dr Markus Heering, New Executive Director, VDW, added, “Under the banner of ‘Innovate Manufacturing’, we have decided to focus on three megatopics at EMO Hannover this year: ‘The Future of Business’, ‘The Future of Connectivity’ and ‘The Future of Sustainability in Production’. The aim here is to show that production technology is not merely of interest to experts, but that industry is doing its part to solve the most pressing problems of our time. And that’s what exhibitors are showing—in impressive variety and depth—with their technical solutions here at the preview and at the fair itself in September.”

Presenting a plethora of offers

More than 1,750 exhibitors from 42 countries are currently expected at EMO Hannover 2023. They will present the entire spectrum of production technology. Major points of interest include machining centers and lathes, cutting tools and clamping devices, measuring equipment, and control systems. “The breadth of the technical offerings is unparalleled at the international trade fair for production technology,” emphasized Heering. The event highlights the challenges that exist in production: greater efficiency, more flexibility, better quality, increased accuracy, the integration of AI, comprehensive factory-wide networking, and much more besides.

EMO Hannover is offering various joint stands aimed at drawing attention to specific trend topics: Additive Manufacturing, Connectivity, Cobots, and Sustainability in Production. “In particular, the latest developments, such as those showcased in the Sustainability in Production Area, are attracting a lot of interest, as exhibitors are keen to reposition themselves in this field,” shared Schäfer. Research institutes will also feature prominently on the stand, using it to present their sustainability projects.

Future of production technology trend forum

As the world's leading trade fair for production technology, EMO Hannover aims to cover all the important topics relating to the industrial value chain, present the current state of the art, and highlight possible scenarios for future development. “In addition to the aforementioned topics, a further focus will be on the recruitment of skilled workers on the Special Training Stand.

The range of services offered by the Nachwuchsstiftung Maschinenbau (Youth Education and Development Foundation for Mechanical Engineering) has been expanded beyond initial vocational training to include ongoing training and development,” Heering explained. The special umati stand will feature a major live demonstration aimed at showcasing the latest developments in the connectivity initiative for the mechanical and plant engineering industry as a basis for effective networking within and between factories. Finally, the Startup Area will be promoting pioneering collaboration with young companies, said Schäfer, describing two further examples.

The joint stands will be complemented by two forums in halls 9 and 16 of the Hannover exhibition center. They provide a platform for exhibitors’ presentations on technology topics and for in-depth presentations on special Future Insights topics. The program includes a conference on business opportunities in the Indian market, and two half-days entitled ‘New digital work - opportunity or disenfranchisement?’ Both go into greater depth on individual aspects of the Future of Business. Further Future of Connectivity half-days will address the topics of umati and Energy efficiency through digitalization. Sustainability in production aspects will finally be covered in presentations and discussions on e-mobility, climate-neutral production, the potential of circular business models, and best practices with regard to sustainability in production.

The presentations are closely linked to the EMO Hannover digital service, which was launched in the run-up to the trade fair. “Some of the presentations, conferences, and key topics will be streamed live or recorded and will be available on demand via our website at—just like this Preview, incidentally. Our aim here is to extend the reach of our exhibitors and to ensure that visitors who may not be able to take advantage of all the offerings are kept in the loop in terms of in-depth information and discussions,” explained Schäfer.

Fostering and expanding international networks

All the above forums and events not only provide in-depth information, but also promote discussion and the sharing of ideas and experiences among participants. As the world’s leading trade fair for production technology, EMO Hannover is better suited than any other to grow the international network by attracting further manufacturing experts from the supplier and customer sides as well as from the scientific community.

EMO Hannover digital is already contributing to this—even across geographical borders—with its EMO sessions, digital chats, and video meetings in the run-up to the fair itself. In addition, all visitors receive a ‘matchmaking’ offer when they register online in the ticket store at There they can enter their profile and interests and, based on any potential matches, can then arrange appointments with people who share the same interests. “After a four-year break, EMO is returning to Hannover—with a new concept, with a new look, and with renewed energy,” concluded Schäfer. “The mood is buzzing. That much emerged clearly from the Preview. Our exhibitors and we, the organizers, are very much looking forward to reconnecting with our customers and business partners.”