ISCAR Expands LOGIQ-4-TURN Line for Swiss-Type Machines

ISCAR Ltd expands the LOGIQ-4-TURN (Double sided insert with 4 cutting edges) Line with new tool holders for Swiss-Type machines intended for small part applications. The new tools feature double-sided positive CXMG 0904... inserts with a side locking mechanism enabling easy indexing. These inserts feature 4 positive cutting edges compared to traditional CCMT inserts which have 2 cutting edges.

The inserts have a positive geometry which minimizes cutting forces, an important factor to consider when machining small diameter parts on Swiss-Type machines. The key features include, dove-tail rigid clamping, side lock mechanism for easy indexing, and is available with / without high-pressure coolant-through the tools. The coolant-through option assures higher productivity and longer insert tool life. In addition, it can be used on relatively small diameter parts for longitudinal and face applications.