ISCAR’s New Milling Cutters & Inserts for High Feed Milling

ISCAR Ltd expanded its MICRO-3-FEED fast feed milling tool line introducing FFT3 EFM-03 and FFT3 EFM-MM 03 milling cutters along with FFT3 WXMT 03 inserts. The FFT3 EFM indexable endmills are with an integral body in diameters of 8, 20 and 25 mm whereas the FFT3 EFM-MM indexable endmills are with MULTI-MASTER threaded adaptors in diameters of 20 and 25 mm.

Both the milling cutters carry single-sided small trigon inserts for fast feed milling which enable a maximum depth of cut of 0.6 mm. It provides a 17° cutting edge angle and a positive rake angle, which reduces cutting forces to guarantee a reliable soft cut at high feeds with ramp down milling capabilities. The coolant holes directed to each cutting edge, assure efficient coolant supply through the cutter body thus flushing the chips efficiently and thoroughly lengthening the insert tool life.

The FFT3 WXMT 03 (single-sided small trigon inserts) are available in IC882 and IC 5820 carbide grades. These two grades were developed especially for machining high temperature superalloys, titanium, difficult-to-cut austenitic, and duplex stainless steel. FFT3 inserts in IC882 and IC5820 carbide grades extend the range of application for ISO S and ISO M groups.