Kennametal’s Blast Ninja Lineup Grows with New #7 Size Nozzles for Quieter Sandblasting

Kennametal Inc announced the expansion of the Blast Ninja™ product line, part of its leading portfolio of abrasive blast nozzles for advanced surface preparation. The Blast Ninja portfolio now features the addition of nozzles in the larger #7 size to accompany nozzles in the #4, #5, and #6 sizes.

“With the introduction of our larger #7 size, the Blast Ninja™ quiet nozzle technology now offers an even more versatile solution for noise reduction in sandblasting,” Jason Price, Vice President, Business Unit Leader for Engineered Wear Components, explained. “This larger size expands the patented noise reducing technology to offer solutions to a wider range of surface preparation projects. Whether you are working on large-scale industrial applications or residential projects, the Blast Ninja nozzle in the #7 size offers a new standard for efficient and quieter sandblasting,” he continued.

Latley, Kennametal added Blast Ninja to its already comprehensive product line of abrasive blast nozzles. Designed by Oceanit, a Honolulu-based ‘Mind to Market’ innovation company that develops disruptive technologies from fundamental science, and manufactured by Kennametal, the Blast Ninja is a premium nozzle delivering improved productivity and enhanced hearing protection in a military grade product that is compliant with OSHA guidelines.

The Blast Ninja reduces air exit velocity while maintaining particle velocity, resulting in a significant reduction in noise production at the source while maintaining blasting production. Leveraging years of research conducted on jet engine noise reduction and developed along with the US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and the US Navy’s Office of Naval Research (ONR), the Blast Ninja’s patented design also offers enhanced hearing protection.

Compared to conventional venturi nozzles (outputting 115dB), the Blast Ninja has up to 17dB quieter noise output. This allows operators for more productive usage time per OSHA guidelines. In proper conditions, Blast Ninja can meet OSHA’s noise standard compliance 29 CFR 1910.95 of four hours of exposure, meaning that operators are protected, and productive work time is improved.