KORLOY Triple Mill for High Precision Machining

KORLOY Inc., introduced ‘Triple Mill’ milling tool which achieves high depth of cut machining as well as offer solutions for casting workpieces with uneven surface and casting machining with irregular depth of machining.

The tool has applied a cutting edge with a high depth of cut (Max. 15.5 mm) in single cutting with three corners (of perpendicularity) allowing it to meet the most competitive price. Thus, it provides high quality surface finish due to its excellent perpendicularity and high precision cutting edge.

In addition, the independent high rake chip breaker and high helix cutting edge effectively reduces the cutting resistance and controls chattering in high depth of cut machining. Its precise cutting edge with right angle guarantees milling with high quality.

The clamping structure with wide clamping side and thicker insert provides stable machinability. The specialized milling tool in high depth of cut machining and its optimized grade applied with each different cutting condition actualize excellent performance and increase productivity for customers.