Kyocera Launches New PVD Coating and Anti-Vibration KAV Holder

Kyocera recently presented the new PVD Coating for Heat-Resistant Alloy - PR115S/PR120S that solves machining issues for heat-resistant alloys and stainless steel.

Using a unique heat-resistant carbide substrate and new PVD coating technology ‘MEGACOAT TOUGH’, PR115S/PR120S achieve long tool life and stable machining process with specialized chip breakers for heat-resistant alloys.

Besides, Kyocera also releases the new KAV Series, a boring bar with a unique anti-vibration dampener system that achieves excellent anti-chatter performance.

KAV Series demonstrate excellent anti-chatter performance with built-in proprietary damper technology that dampens vibration. Support to max L/D = 10. With an interchangeable head, KAV Series could support a variety of machining processes. The serrated joint structure provides a strong hold between the head and the shank.