LMT Tools Introduces Cutting-Edge Micro Milling Cutters


 LMT Tools is one of the leading experts in the development and production of precision tools. The company’s passionate commitment to precision ensures that its customers in the industry apply superior quality at the key interface between machine and workpiece.  

LMT Tools’ micro milling cutters achieve impressive tool life, excellent surface finishes, and high dimensional accuracy of components, enabling significant performance improvements and reduced cost-per-part in micro-machining while ensuring the best component quality with maximum productivity and process reliability. For highly precise milling with small tool diameters, the tool expert LMT Tools offers a comprehensive portfolio of reliable micro milling cutters.

These cutters provide excellent surface finishes, minimal tolerance, a long tool life, and increased productivity. The cutting material, coating, and geometry result from decades of collaborative research with leading institutes in coating and micro-geometry development. They have been perfectly tuned to each other and the specific requirements of micro-machining. The high-performance micro milling cutters ensure the best surface quality within tight tolerance ranges (-0.007 mm) and achieve machining results that meet the highest quality standards.

Highly Accurate Micro-machining of Precision Parts

The micro milling cutter program from LMT Tools includes 3, 4, and 6 mm precision shanks with h5 tolerance and a diameter range of 0.3 to 3.0 mm. Two geometry variants are available: a toric design with a straight face for precise contours and a design with a ball head for higher flexibility in processing complex 3D shapes. The ball nose allows for precise machining of curves and irregular surfaces. This is particularly advantageous in die and mold making and in the production of workpieces with complex geometries. The advanced neck geometry is characterized by maximum rigidity and stability, effectively reducing vibrations even in demanding machining conditions and significantly increasing process reliability. The compact design of the neck geometry also enables the machining of deep cavities with the highest precision.

 Excellent Solution for Hard Machining 

One of the main application areas is hard machining in die and mold making, whether complex 3D surfaces, deep cavities, holes, undercuts, or rib structures. LMT Tools addresses high thermomechanical stress with high-temperature-resistant and wear-resistant coating-substrate systems characterized by excellent oxidation and diffusion resistance as well as high hot hardness. Various versions are available for different machining scenarios regarding rigidity and compactness. The PH variant (ISO P, ISO H) covers demanding materials with strengths of > 1,000 N/mm² and hardness > 55 HRC, while the U variant (ISO P, M, K, N) is universally applicable in different material classes. There are four lengths: extra short (XS), short (S), long (L), and extra-long (XL) with neck relief for deep pockets, tight cavities, and holes. All variants have a helix angle of 30° and a center cutting edge for ramping and plunge milling.

Comprehensive Portfolio for Die and Mold Making 

Long tool life, outstanding surface quality, and perfect dimensional accuracy: Thanks to their excellent performance features, LMT Tools’ micro milling cutters set standards in micro-machining, ensuring highly accurate and reliable machining processes. “With the micro program, we complement our extensive selection of tool solutions in the shank and insert area, especially in the field of die and mold making, particularly in the production of injection molds. This allows us to fully serve all areas—from stamping and pressing to forging dies, plastic and die casting molds, to free-form surfaces, electrode production, and mold making,” emphasizes Dr Sascha Beblein, Head, R&D Rotating Tools, LMT Tools.

LMT Tools: To Ease Machining 

LMT Tools is one of the leading experts in the development and production of precision tools. The company’s passionate commitment to precision ensures that its customers in the industry apply superior quality at the key interface between machine and workpiece.

With more than 1,000 employees worldwide, LMT Tools combines its competencies in the brands LMT Fette, LMT Kieninger, LMT Onsrud, and LMT Belin. LMT Tools serves the product lines of Milling & Threading, Rolling Systems, Gear Cutting and Advanced Tooling. As an international network of experts, LMT Tools develops tool solutions for machining high-strength steel materials as well as composite and plastic materials, enabling the group to provide customers with reliable, fast, and high-performing solutions.

An outstanding customer experience sets the focus for LMT Tools. Reliability and fast services create an uncomplicated and trustful business relationship between LMT Tools and its customers. To ease machining is the purpose of LMT Tools. Customers can focus on their own operations because they can easily rely on the performance of LMT Tools’ machining solutions. This enables it to offer excellent products that are successful in the market. LMT Tools offers an extensive product range of standard and special tools, enabling the highest quality and performance for metal cutting and forming applications in various industries, like general machining, mold and die making, as well as transportation and drives, such as automotive, aerospace, and wind energy.