Mitsubishi Materials Launches WWX400 Series for Efficient Machining Processes

Indexable Insert Milling Cutter WWX400

With its wide variety of high-performance tools, Mitsubishi Materials Corporation has introduced a versatile indexable insert milling cutter WWX400. It was built to satisfy all the requirements of the modern metal cutting industry. The innovative and accurate geometry of the insert pocket, along with accurate locating of the inserts on the tool body, ensures a perfect 90º wall machining on components. The cutters can perform at high feed rates and the body features four contact faces inside the insert pocket, plus the use of a large screw, that provides high insert clamping strength and stability without compromising accuracy. Also, each body has an internal through coolant channels that exit to supply high pressure cutting fluid directly at each insert.

 The unique carbide inserts featuring economical double-sided Trigon inserts with 6 cutting edges. In addition to negative seating geometry and provide a positive sharp cutting action. This generates low cutting forces and together with an increase in insert thickness compared to standard forms, also provides excellent resistance to breakage. Furthermore, a high maximum depth of cut of up to 8.2mm enables efficient shoulder milling capabilities. The bottom of all inserts features a large radius geometry which functions like a typical wiper.

Three different chipbreakers are available, the L, M and R breakers for light, medium and rough machining respectively. These can be paired with a large range of 8 various coated and uncoated carbide grades. The WWX400 arbor type face mill cutters are available from Ø50 to Ø250 in coarse, fine and extra fine pitch geometries. Shank types from Ø50 to Ø80 can also be ordered specially.