Sandvik Coromant Machining Solutions for E-mobility Aluminium Components

Sandvik Coromant presented tools that offer premium performance in machining aluminium auto components, which form an essential part in hybrid and electric cars. Well-designed and light aluminium components are essential for hybrid and fully electric cars moving forward, to increase driving range and power, especially by reducing weight. Some examples of various e-mobility components are different types of housings and battery pack frames.

Most of the knowledge and solutions developed for machining traditional automotive components can be transferred and applied to e-mobility components, mainly in the milling, drilling, and tapping areas. The company provides tools (ISO N solutions) that offer premium performance in machining aluminium auto components.

 Customized tooling for the automotive industry, the straight-flute CoroDrill® 400 and 3-flute CoroDrill® 430 provide highly productive hole-making in GCI, CGI and nodular cast iron, resulting in low cost per hole. CoroDrill® 880 with its unique insert geometries and configuration, creates a balanced, step-by-step entrance into the workpiece, that reduces cutting forces and virtually eliminates deflection on entry. CoroMill® Century is a face mill tool system with an aluminium or steel body for high-speed machining.

M5B90 is a finishing face-milling cutter and M5C90 is a concept face-milling tool for high-speed direct finishing of aluminium automotive parts. M5F90 is one-shot roughing and finishing of thin-wall aluminium parts, M5Q90 is for first-stage roughing operations, and M5R90 is a new solution for roughing and semi-finishing of aluminium automotive parts. CoroTap® 100 is a straight-flute tap suitable for short chipping materials. CoroTap® 200 are spiral point taps for through holes and CoroTap® 300 are Spiral flute taps for blind holes, whereas CoroTap® 400 is a forming tap for through and blind holes. Both CoroTap® 200 / 300 are tailor-made and advanced engineered tools are available from the customized solutions range.