SmiCut Installs Rooftop Solar Cell System to Power its Production

Sweden-based cutting tools provider, SmiCut has installed a 36 kW solar cell system on its roof to produce tools using environmentally friendly electricity. It consists of 120 monocrystalline panels of 300W and is 200 m2 of total installation area. The used panel type is the most efficient available in the market. It is estimated that the plant will provide an annual output of 34,000 kWh and a large part of the energy is used by SmiCut for its production. With excess energy during summer months, the surplus of electricity is sold on to the electricity companies, which in turn pass it on to the community.

ThreadBurr (thread milling) and FourCut (thread turning) from the company, establish it as a pioneer in the production of threading instruments, besides producing Solid Carbide End Mills and Solid Carbide Drills. The complete program of SmiCut cutting tools are available in downloadable digital PDF-version ‘SmiCut Catalogue 2020’, which offers a lot of valuable technical information to the user.