Tungaloy’s New DMN Geometry for Non-ferrous Applications

Tungaloy Corporation added the DMN style drill head to its DrillMeister exchangeable-head drill series to extend its drilling productivity in non-ferrous applications. The standard drill heads are offered in diameters ranging from 10-19.9 mm (.394″ – .783″) and features optimal geometry with sharp cutting edges which removes the built-up edge, providing productive aluminum machining in different industries.

It is available in KS15F, an uncoated fine-grained carbide grade, that provides the drill head with superior edge integrity, fracture resistance, and long and predictable tool life. Total of 31 drill heads have been added.

DrillMeister has a unique self-locking interface that allows for easy and secure drill head exchange. In addition, the tool setup time can be substantially reduced since drill heads can be replaced without having to remove the drill body from the spindle, eliminating presetting, offset, and touch off the replaced tool.