Tungaloy Unveils Extended-Flute Milling Cutters for Titanium and Cast Iron Machining


Tungaloy has launched the ExtendedForceMill indexable milling cutter, specially designed for high-performance rough milling of titanium alloys and cast iron parts. These materials pose significant machining challenges, such as high cutting forces, heat generation, and poor surface integrity, which lead to low productivity and tool life. 


The ExtendedForceMill cutter addresses these issues with optimized insert geometries and cutter body design that facilitate efficient material removal while retaining cutting edge sharpness. 


The cutter features two types of inserts with unique cutting edge profiles, allowing for maximum cost-per-edge economy. The AXHU double-sided bottom inserts come with four cutting edges, while the SXHU double-sided peripheral inserts feature eight cutting edges.The optimized insert arrangements on the cutter body help minimize vibrations during machining and eliminate premature insert failure. The coolant outlet in all insert pockets ensures accurate cutting fluid delivery to the cutting point, which is critical for successful titanium alloy machining. 

The cutter bodies come in two standard types, with the shell mill type also available in imperial sizes. The inserts are offered in AH130 grade for ISO S material group and AH8015 grade for machining ISO K group.


The ExtendedForceMill cutter is an excellent solution for efficient rough milling of titanium alloys and cast iron parts, improving productivity and tool life while maintaining surface quality.