Walter’s Tool Cleaning and Laser Marking in the Robot Loader

Walter Maschinenbau GmbH, manufacturer of CNC machines and rotationally symmetrical production components, provides laser marking as well as cleaning of tools in the robot loader for its measuring machines HELICHECK PRO and HELICHECK PLUS. This increases flexibility in the production and final inspection of the tools. The user saves valuable time by automatically loading the measuring machine with the robot loader and concurrently cleaning and laser marking the tools.

 In a Tool Cleaning module, the tools are cleaned in an ultrasonic bath, before measurement, which is incorporated into the robot cell and isolated from the measuring area. The tools are then dried in an airstream, which can be adapted individually depending on the length of the tool. Next in the Laser Marking module, the high-quality marking of the tool can then be carried out, which is also integrated in the robot cell and separate from the measuring area without any penetration. Marking can be rendered on the shaft and/or tool end face with static or dynamic data.

For complete flexibility, the robot loader for the HELICHECK PLUS and HELICHECK PRO measuring machines can be specified with an individual preparation for these two modules - they can then be individually retrofitted if needed.