ZCC Cutting Tools Europe Unveils New Products for Spring 2023

ZCC Cutting Tools Europe, the European central operations of the largest Chinese manufacturer of carbide tools, is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2023 by further expanding its portfolio of insert milling and turning solutions. Building upon the core focus of solid carbide milling showcased during last year’s Product Innovations 2022, the company aims to meet the evolving needs of its target group. As a part of these efforts, it will be systematically and continuously adding new products to its existing line-up, which now encompasses over 25,000 articles. Just in time for the spring trade fair season in Europe, new milling systems that are more economical and more technically advanced will be presented alongside new high-performance grades and chip breakers. Now in its 20th year in Europe, the company’s newly presented products are increasingly focused on aerospace as well as die and mold making.

New YBG205H turning grade for steel and stainless steel

With the addition of the YBG205H grade to its line-up, ZCC-CT Europe now offers a highly temperature-resistant grade for turning applications primarily involving steel and stainless steel. The thin TiAlSiN PVD coating provides optimized coating stability for extremely long tool lives. At the same time, the ultra-thin layer structure guarantees optimally defined and prepared cutting edges for smooth cuts. The new YBG205H grade will initially be available as C-, D-, T-, and W-shaped inserts.

 New MU chip breaker

The MU chip breaker’s 3D-optimized chip-forming elements ensure maximum chip control, which is relevant and important for grooving as well as parting and grooving applications. This, in combination with the highly stable cutting edge achieved, among other things, thanks to harmonized and optimized macro and micro geometries, allows the MU chip breakers from ZCC Cutting Tools Europe to provide even greater flexibility in your applications. A reduction in surface contact, which is made possible by optimized chip-forming elements, results in even less wear, making MU chip breakers well suited for machining a full range of materials, from steel and stainless steel to cast iron and high-alloy materials.

New FME17 face milling system

The new FME17 face milling system from ZCC Cutting Tools Europe was developed specially for common roughing and finishing operations on contours and end faces with high demands in terms of surface quality. It is currently available in diameters of 50 to 400 mm. In combination with eight-edged negative inserts, the 75° milling system delivers enhanced cutting edge stability. New chip breakers for roughing, finishing, and general machining operations also provide a positive cutting geometry with correspondingly lower cutting forces, while the open chip former design ensures controlled chip removal. Available in four grades for applications involving steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and high-temperature-resistant materials, the newly designed SN*X inserts offer enhanced resistance to breakage along with an accompanying increase in process reliability. And lest we forget, the SNMX120512-* inserts can also be used with two other ZCC Cutting Tools Europe milling systems (FMA17/FMP17), helping to reduce the number of variants and keep costs in check.

Redesigned EMP05 plunge milling system

The ultra-versatile system for grooving and plunge milling applications is able to meet the full range of requirements in machine/plant engineering and, above all else, is well suited for ramping in mold and die making. Extremely deep grooves are also possible at diameters ranging from 16 to 50 mm when the system is equipped with two inserts. Available as end mills or indexable heads, the tools from ZCC Cutting Tools Europe are also suitable for use in groove milling operations.

The high-performance standard grades that the ADKT* inserts for general machining applications are available in are intended for machining operations involving steel, stainless steel, and cast iron.

New FMR06 round insert milling cutter

The ZCC Cutting Tools Europe system for high-performance application values guarantees maximum stability in facing operations in which solid CBN and ceramic round inserts are employed. Developed for use in die and mold making operations and in aerospace applications, the easy-to-use wedge clamping system delivers the reliability users need, even in highly demanding applications. In addition, an integrated air cooling system improves chip removal. Available in the standard 50-125 mm diameter range, two mixed ceramic, an Si3N4 ceramic, an SiAlON ceramic, and a solid CBN grade are available for high removal rates and provide the process reliability required for machining hard materials, superalloys, and cast iron.

New CSX1000 grade for turning and milling superalloys

CSX1000 is a high-performance grade from the latest generation of SiAlON ceramic cutting materials. It combines toughness and wear resistance, making it suitable for milling operations performed, for example, on ZCC Cutting Tools Europe’s FMR06 round insert milling system and for turning applications, especially in medium machining through to roughing operations involving heat-resistant alloys. The cutting edge is optimally prepared for such applications, resulting in a significant improvement in wear resistance and very long tool lives. Additional cutting-edge designs are also available for other applications.

New APL universal chip breaker

Thanks to its universal geometry, the APL chip breaker from ZCC Cutting Tools Europe is available for a wide variety of applications involving materials ranging from steel and stainless steel to cast iron. Plus, thanks to the available nose radii (0.4–2.0 mm), the insert sizes on offer, and the three different grades that users can currently choose from, it is able to handle a whole host of milling operations. The APKT* inserts can also be used in three ZCC Cutting Tools Europe milling systems (EMP01/02 and QCH-APKT).