ZOLLER’s »mμFocus« for Efficient Measurement of Cutting Edges and Surfaces

ZOLLER introduced »mμFocus« inspection machine to ensure exact, standardized quality in tool development. It helps achieve user goals with high-precision tool geometry and optimal surface textures customized as per specific application. It uses non-contact measurement procedures to determine the surface roughness and cutting-edge preparation of the tool, down to the µm, creating a fully optimized tool.

It offers measurement of cutting-edge preparation and surface finish, with high-precision evaluation of areas and lines. It requires low training effort thanks to simple operation coupled with high-performance optics and ‘pilot’ image processing. The workshop-ready design and alloy is integrated with intelligent software and highest security standards, a sophisticated, functional design with premium quality at best price-performance ratio.

The company’s measuring device software »pilot 4.0« is a graphic rich, self-explanatory user interface, all-inclusive tool measurement software. Easy accessible with large click and touch areas, its features also includes photorealistic input interface, dynamic crosshairs, self-explanatory function keys, automatic cutting edge shape recognition and zero point monitoring. In addition to clear and precise cutting-edge display and inspection with tool and adapter management, tool identification, test report output, and data transfer to the machine tool and interfaces to external systems.